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There once lived a girl named alabekahlishanishanaynay. Alabekahlishanishanaynay lived in a magical land called the land of alabekahlishanidshanyanay. In the land of Alabekahlishanishanaynay, there were gumdrops for cars, licorice for bridges, and smarties were used for wheels. But in this land,Alabekahlishanishanaynay met a man named alanishanishanaynay. He was extraordinary hot, and amazing. At this time alabekahlishanishanaynay was 15 years old. alanishanaynay was 16  years old. Alabekahlishanishanaynay and alanishanishanaynay were best friends. They did everything together, they frollicked through the meadows , ate at le alabekahlishanishanaynay, and danced at the club of alabekahlishinishanaynay. While dancing at the club alabekahlishanishanaynay met a girl named cornbreshajacobybrown. The became bestest friends. Through their friendship alabekahlishanishanaynay found out that cornbreshajacobybrown had a man named tyrelquetonqueyquey. Tyrelquetonqueyquey secretly liked alabekahlishanishanaynay. But cornbrishajacobybrown did not know that. But cornbreshajacobybrown found out and broke up with tyrelquetonquayquay.